Who We Serve


We offer expert advice and accountability for independent women forging ahead in life or experiencing life changes such as inheritance, divorce, widowhood, etc.

Examples include the kickass career woman who is now making enough to invest but can use some unbiased advice, the single mom in need of a sounding board, the new widow seeking help making important decisions when emotions are high, the divorcee looking for a fresh start, and the busy working mom ready to focus on her finances.

All are looking to gain a sense of stability and peace by having a plan that aligns with their hopes and dreams.

Couples & Families

We advise single and dual-income families, with or without children, on how to achieve their long and short-term financial goals.

We welcome co-dreaming partners who are aligned (or want to become aligned) in their financial mission and use their resources to create amazing lives together.


Whether you’re planning to launch a business, dealing with the complexities of stock options and RSUs, trying to figure out how to efficiently save for retirement as a small business owner or anything in between, we love working with entrepreneurs.

We also offer consulting services for the business itself!