Fuel Your Fearless Life

Straightforward advice-only Financial Planning for dreamers and doers (and we hope you are both!)

What does being financially fearless mean to you?

It’s time to get fearless about your finances and about all the dreams they can fuel! Whether your dream is to travel the world, retire early, or become a major donor to your favorite nonprofit, let’s work together on a bold plan to transform those dreams into reality!

We serve women, families, co-dreaming couples, people experiencing life changes, and entrepreneurs with advice-only financial planning services.

No one wants a financial plan. But you likely do want what having a financial plan in place can deliver: more power, more flexibility, protecting your loved ones, and thriving despite the curve balls that life inevitably throws at us all.

  • Together we’ll ask tough questions, prioritize your goals, and then create a strategy to help you achieve them.
  • You’ll receive honest, unbiased advice about your financial position and recommendations to grow your wealth as needed.
  • As an ADVICE ONLY advisor, you pay for our guidance; we do not receive commissions or sell products, and you can keep your investments anywhere you like.
  • We take pride in helping our clients feel more comfortable and confident in all aspects of their finances.

Ways to Work with Us

Fearless Financial Planning

A comprehensive look at your entire financial picture to fuel a life without limits

Focused Financial Plan

Targeted strategies for financial areas of greatest concern

Fearless For Hire

Financial advising as needed, by the hour

Amy Rosenow, CFA, CFP®Founder, Fearless Financial

I’m Amy, and I founded Fearless Financial because I’m passionate about helping people who see building wealth as a way to fuel their personal dreams. I’ve earned my clients’ trust through a life lived in the financial world as a working mom and entrepreneur, financial industry veteran, hedge fund and angel investor, philanthropist, and a source of financial wisdom and guidance for those closest to me. I want to learn how you define wealth in your life and help you work to create enough so you may live your most fearless life.