The Fearless Process

This is our full process for the Fearless Financial Planning service. 

Pre-Introductory Meeting

30-minute call or Zoom

Get to know each other

Assess mutual fit

Go over pricing and next steps

Meeting 1

Get to know you and your family

Gain an understanding of your personal & financial circumstances

Begin to learn about your goals, dreams, and values
(of course, this
continues over time)
Learn about your
needs & objectives
Gain an understanding of how you think and feel about money
Post-meeting homework

Get organized, do some self-reflection

Gather all your financial documents and information. For some clients, this is quick and easy, for others it can take more time and support. We provide as much or little support here as you need.
Enter this info into our client portal (again, we can assist as needed).
Think more deeply about some of the questions we asked you

Analyze, review cash flow, identify and select goals

We analyze and evaluate your current financials using financial planning software (as well as a specialized equity compensation tool for clients with equity compensation, we can discuss whether this is relevant for you).
Review your goals, lifestyle, and cash flow
Make sure objectives are clear before we proceed (often there is a check-in Zoom here)

Meeting 2

Explore / Recommend

We go over the analysis together, play with various scenarios

We show you projections and make some preliminary recommendations at the meeting

Based on your feedback we will formalize recommendations in a written plan

Meeting 3

Investments & Equity Compensation

Review current investments

Gather info to follow up with more detailed recommendations
Compare to goals and risk parameters

Meeting 4

Decide & Implement

We will discuss all recommendations with the goal of committing to implement your top 1 or 2 items over a set time frame.


Based on what we decide and learn, we develop a plan for ongoing implementation and monitoring.  We also address anything new that comes up along the way.

Monitor & Review

Clients who elect ongoing planning have unlimited email and phone access as well as coaching sessions or review meetings every six months.