Fearless Future Plan

A Gift For New GraduatesThat Will Give a Lifetime of Value

Financial planning for the new graduate or young adult

When young people graduate and get their first job, an often scary adult world of financial responsibility awaits them. How can you help ease their way? The Fearless Future plan is the perfect gift for any young grad and is designed to give them peace of mind about their financial future.

We will discuss the young person’s short-term and long-term financial goals (ex. pay off student loans, save for grad school, a car, or a home), and show them the way to financial security with best practices such as budgeting, long-term savings, investments, etc.  And we help make sure they are making good choices out of the gate such as determining how much is reasonable to pay in rent, selecting employee benefits, renter’s insurance, etc.)

*She’s a little young for our Fearless Future Plan, but definitely still fierce!


Two to three virtual or in-person meetings over a six-month period, followed by six months of complimentary unlimited phone/email access.


The Fearless Future Plan is $1,800 for an individual.  Fearless Future clients are entitled to a 25% discount on future comprehensive plans.

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